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On March 8th,

people all around the globe will be celebrating International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day also known as IWD stems from labour movements, and has grown because of the phenomenal work of Marxist feminists such as Clara Zetkin who believed that there is no true socialist revolution without Marxist feminism as a center focus. In order to gain liberation, we must all be uplifted and empowered. 


As Marxist feminists, we aim to build on the international movement that continues to raise awareness among working class folks. Our focus is to highlight the movement’s previous struggles and victories to ensure that we move stronger than ever before! 


The work on this platform began within a political education course titled “Revolutionary Feminism: Theory and Practice” facilitated by the People’s Forum in New York City. 


By using mediums such as research and analysis, visual art, multimedia, poetry and prose, we created a platform that we hope continues growing overtime. 

Join us, as we celebrate those who have contributed to our revolutionary feminist movement for liberation on March 8th and beyond …

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Download & Share

Download posters to wheat paste and share with your networks on International Women's Day.

Register for the IWD Teach-In

To reclaim the radical roots of IWWD, we must root our present-day movements in its long history of global, protracted struggle – which is ours to inherit.

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Listen to the Playlist

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