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Freedom Dreaming

What does a better world look like?
As revolutionary artists, our role is to envision radical futures.
Earlier this year we convened to creatively reimagine our society.
To freedom dream collectively.

Short film featuring Anastajah Haynes, music by Michael Terrero @kingoftheeyesoar. Edited by Andrea Rodriguez @loserdrea and @beccamccharentran

Reclaiming International Working Women’s Day 2021

Activists and organizers from Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Colombia and NYC sit down and speak about the crisis of neoliberalism and the effects of the pandemic on the communities they're part of.

special thanks to Layan Fuleihan

directed by
Yanett Ramirez
Anakaren Alcocer


edited by
Yanett Ramirez

produced by
Yanett Ramirez
Anakaren Alcocer
Dey Hernandez
Manu Osorio

associate producers
Mary Gana
Tina Zafreen Alam
Celina Della Croce
David Chung

“antifa dance”
by Ana Tijoux

additional help by
Daniella Navarrete
Ashley Solage

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